KENDA Site Redesign

The redesign of web pages for  «KENDA» 

01. Task

The main task of redesign was to change the main page appearance taking into account several regions and different categories of Kenda’s products. Also it was planned to redesign some inner pages and to develop a new informational page with the company’s history.

02. Main Page

The design of the main page turned out expressive and user-friendly. All product categories are represented on the main page where a user can easily navigate and choose the right unit.

03. Details

While designing we tried to organize the elements in a flexible way so that a user could assess the outcome of the testing and streamline the report view collapsing and expanding the navigation.


Let our customers speak for us!

Nik Wahlberg
Founder of Scandiaconsulting
We have worked with a diverse team of developers, designers, and analysts at Quilx since 2010. The team continues to exceed our expectations with the solutions to some of our most complex business challenges. They are definitely on our speed dial for the next project.
Yulia Demenyuk
Senior Vice President at VTB24
We’ve had a long history of close cooperation and it’s been a great pleasure working with Qulix. Back in 2011, the company developed the first version of our mobile banking app and a PDA banking solution. They have always given us cutting edge advantage in terms of timely delivery of projects and quality work. We wish the entire team ever increasing success in its development and growth.
Roman Sukhov
Head of IT Department at Orient Express Bank, OJSC
It’s a pleasure to work with a company whose employees take their job with utter seriousness and know how to add value to a project. Thanks Qulix for having lived up to our expectations.